Zer0 caught the quick flash of fear in Maya’s eyes and knew he’d have to wait to ask her what was wrong. She covered it up well but her voice still wavered a bit when she spoke, even as she mustered herself. It caused another flash of rage and he forcefully dug his knee into his captive’s back. How dare she cause such a reaction in Maya?

"She’s worse than I ever was," he manages after a few moments of forcing himself to calm, though he doesn’t let up on the other assassin. "I was trained, she’s brainwashed. Probably from a very young age and violently if I had to guess. She’s barely human anymore." The last bit was a growl, both for her lack of humanity and the lengths companies like Atlas and Hyperion were willing to go to to get loyal, willing slaves.

"You don’t know anything other than orders. The only way in which you are human is that you are biologically one."

Watching Zer0 use brute force against the other assassin almost made her pity the woman. Despite all their time together was a side of him she’d never seen before, one she imagined was more representative of his time as a killer for hire.

"I’m not giving up. You won’t be safe until Angel’s dead. If we can snap this bitch out of her walking coma she might want to help us, and she has access we don’t." The Siren rasped, bracing her throat and still keeping her distance from the pair of them. 

A Hyperion pawn, just another person robbed of her life by someone else’s selfish agenda. They could start a club. 

I don’t expect you to be a big fan of reason, but you should know there are better ways to live and die than being someone else’s weapon… What’s your name?” Maya asked, leaning down to look the other woman in her strange eyes.

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Warmup sketch. I really need to draw more …

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He stares her down for only a few short seconds before she’s moving back and away from him, bottle now clasped in his own hand. Distance only makes the heart grow fonder, right? He follows her in, foot steps heavy as he enters the steamy atmosphere that hangs in the bathroom and continues to unbutton the remainder of his shirt.

She slips past him elegantly and he turns his head to follow her “What if I drown?” he questions her, fake concern lacing his tone as he places the bottle on the floor by the tub, holding onto the rim for support as he does. “It’d be all your fault. Leavin’ me here all alone” 

He rises and peels his shirt form his body, letting it fall in a heap by the skin. 

His question gives her pause and she doesn’t have an answer before Krieg can finish shedding his ruined shirt. The air presses on her skin and Maya’s mind stumbled over the sight of him wearing the swath of dried blood across lean muscle, scars and ink. He can’t intimidate her with his size but she’s not entirely immune.

"I’ve got to save you from the bathtub too? You’re positively helpless."  

It’s warm and they’re alone, and they’d almost lost everything in an instant. She’d almost lost him. It’s bait tailor-made for her. It shouldn’t matter that if she gives in now it’s a cheap win for him- but it does. 

Maya pivoted from where she stood to leave and settled her shoulders back against the open door instead. She reached for the pack of cigarettes and matchbook on the windowsill and plucked one out between her lips. Pale eyes don’t leave him again as she lights up and tosses the spent matchstick into the sink. A long drag. A slow exhale. 

Go on then…

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He’d expected her to step back into the bathroom, but instead she’d leant up on her toes to pluck his bottle of whisky from his hands. What he needed was to stop the pain, and sure – maybe a cup of water.

Maya was a strong woman and it took a lot to really get under all those layers she usually shielded herself with, but many months had passed since their first meeting, weeks they’d spend in this small room together and sometimes she would let herself sip, her concern for him very much appreciated – even if she did show it in odd ways sometimes.

“Don’t be like that” he says, frowning more form the pain than her antics, watching as she tips the bottle back to take a sip. He stops unbuttoning his shirt to step closer – invading her space in an attempt to gain a little more power, he grabs onto the bottom of the bottle when she pulls it away from her lips, tugging on it - not out-right snatching it from her grasp.  

Maya doesn’t fight him when he steals back the bottle, stifling a snicker with the back of her hand to help herself swallow. There’s little power to be found here in the space between his broad shoulders. If there was one person Krieg couldn’t intimidate with his size alone it was her. She’s only ever known him as a protector. Krieg attempting to crowd into her personal space only inspires something fierce behind her eyes.

The flicker of pain in his features doesn’t escape her though, and she slides herself back towards the bath to shut off the faucets. The air hangs hot and heavy and she reaches up to push away the curls at the back of her neck again. 

"All set." She announced with a soft sigh, slinking back around her partner to let him have the room. 

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He watches as Maya retreats into the bathroom, night falling quickly as they inhabit their backroom. The sound of running water reaches his ears, gushing and echoing, and he can almost feel the hot water lapping at his skin. He wants to soak off the pain, wash it away with the heat of water and steam – he fear that the injury would cause a migraine, something he really didn’t want to have to deal with.

The shadow of his partner catches his attention causing him to lift his head, her soft silhouette illuminated by the sharp light of the bathroom. Silence folds itself between them as he watches her a moment, her figure organic, her curves dipping at all the right places.

He stands as she begins to speak, pushing through the pain in his head and the weight of his tired muscles. He shakes his head , material processions not really something he found to be fulfilling “Another tattoo?” he says with a shrug of his shoulder as he begins to unbutton his shirt and reaches for a half bottle of whisky that had been left on the small table in their room “something military grade, so next to him not just stuck with the colt”. He moves forward, toward her wanting nothing more than to drown the pain.  

She didn’t know exactly what compelled his obsession for going under the needle, whether it was the art or the pain- or a bit of both. As he started peeling away his bloodstained shirt Maya felt a rush a heat flood across the back of her neck and she pushed back her curls uselessly trying to rub it away. 

"Keep on at this rate and you’re going to start running out canvas soon." She teased, having to roll up onto her toes to pull the bottle away before he could toss back the rest of the whiskey. "You lost a ton of blood, you need water you idiot.

Maya sank back to her heels and smirked at him over the mouth of the bottle before taking a swig. The afterburn settled in her chest and gave her something else to focus on. She couldn’t help it. That little taste of invincibility after a successful job always did make her a little heady, though she’s certain she used to be much better at hiding it. 

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He felt disgusting and sticky, his clothes clinging to him in all the wrong place. It was almost itchy, but not the kind of itch you want to scratch.

He sits still for her, allowing himself to relax with a small exhale of breath. He needed to be fluid for this next part or it would just hurt even more. He rests his hands upon the top of Maya’s thighs as she settles on his knee, eyes locked with her own grey depths. A sign of trust, a sign of what they’d become – partners until the end.

The sting causes his muscles to seize up, his face contorting into a pained frown. It felt like a snake had latched onto his face, the pain beating him over the head repeatedly.

She works quickly though he can’t be sure if it’s for his sake or his own. Her fingers are tinted pink with his blood as she’s finishing up and placing a gaze over the side of his head.

He slouches into the seat, hands sliding from her legs as she stands “Yeah, please” he agrees rubbing at his eyes.  

He’d tensed as she worked on cleaning the wound, focus on her task somewhat distracted by calloused fingers unsteady grip as they seemed to resist squeezing her thighs as an expression of the pain. Maya withdrew with a renewed smile and headed to small adjoining room to start the large bath filling with warm water. 

She always makes good on her promises, and Krieg was still owed a piece of her wrath for the intense, dizzying nausea she felt thinking he’d been shot in the head. It would just have to wait. A tacky layer of blood still obscured half his face like warpaint and partially soaked his shirt. She wouldn’t ever tell him so but there was a definite appeal in that aesthetic, covered in his own blood and still kicking.

Maya ran the hot water over her wrist to get the temperature the way he liked it, hot enough to soothe his aches. Stepping out again to peer at him she’s silhouetted by the bathroom light and casts a long shadow across the room. 

He rests heavy, the chair supporting him noticeably undersized- as most things tended to be for a man of Krieg’s stature. Watching him duck his way under most doorways was always good for a laugh, not to mention a nice way to make an entrance. Nothing a brick wall of muscle at your back when things might get messy. 

Wanting to break the silence before it became apparent she was staring she pressed a soft hum from red lips. “It was a good take, we’re set for a while. Any thoughts on how you’d like to spend it?”

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hey, remember back when we were sane?

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Sanctuary had been a brief home for her, brief meaning only a few days, but it still held a bit of a special place in her heart, especially since meeting the Psycho.  Except for the banging, she hated the constant banging on doors and windows.

She grumbled softly as she passed one such stir-crazy individual and shook her head.  She’d managed to avoid most of the citizens of the city, including a majority of the vault hunters.  Including her two Siren “sisters”.  Part of her was a little upset by this, wanting to meet someone, anyone else who might understand.  And yet…what if none of them were anything alike?  She’d met one other, but she was crazy, had nearly ruined her life.

Andi shuddered as she entered the bar with the overly-busty bartender, not wanting to dwell on it too much.  She still woke up screaming some nights.  She froze when she saw pale blue markings tracing their way down the left side of a blue haired woman.  A quick and silent war started in her head, which was just a quickly decided.  She approached slowly, uncertain in her steps and sat herself a stool away. 

"Can I…uhm…could I buy you a shot?"  She asked, voice pitched a bit higher in her trepedation.  It’s like ripping off a band-aid, she told herself, quick and easy.  They can’t all be crazy.

Maya swilled the liquid left in her glass, transfixed on it’s deep amber color and the way the glass caught the light, and pretty much anything other than what had her drinking alone at the bar

Though she heard the demure voice Maya didn’t turn right away, not until after her mind made the slow register that she was the one being spoken to. The Vault Hunter pivoted her head slowly, and paused at the sight, not expecting the flash of vibrant violet in the drab bar. She was certain she’d never seen the stranger in Sanctuary before, the girl would be hard to miss looking the way she did. Although Maya had been accused of standing out in a crowd too, not that it was ideal to draw attention to oneself on Pandora. Throwing back the last of her drink she set the empty glass down with a nod. 

"Yeah sure.. but you might want to make yours a double if want to catch up”

Pale eyes fell to the stool beside her and a tattooed shoulder was shrugged in a simple gesture inviting the girl to take a seat. Miss Moxxi drifted over now, tipping her hat to the newcomer and setting up a pair of shot glasses on the bar. 

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"I was talking about Terramorphous! I said ‘no one wants to help me put down that giant worm’ and everyone took it the wrong way and now I feel like an idiot and you’re mad and I feel worse!"

… You’re the worst.

Also, if you wanted help all you had to do was ask.

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"But I didn’t do anything! She just has a dirty mind!" D:

If you have something say to me say it Z.

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Keep smiling. I’ll jam an extension cord in your head socket.

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:| -silently points at Angel-

For once it’s not actually her I’m worried about.


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Luck of the Zafords SHiFT code skins

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