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[Maya fears losing of her own autonomy, being treated like a tool or someone else’s means to an end. Seeing what Jack and the Order have done has made it very apparent Sirens are coveted for this reason. 

In a similar vein she finds it totally disgusting anytime someone is used against their will, such as those who have suffered in Hyperion’s slag experiments.]

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blindcrippledwidowandpositive said: MOD: You understand my pain at poor baha

[Nothing in Borderlands 2 affected me the way TK swinging from the ceiling did. People talk about Bloodwing, Roland and Angel but I just can’t relate at all. I couldn’t connect with those characters on an emotional level. TK THO. Ughhhh. <3 :< ]

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Her words fill him with a tingling sort of warmth not unlike when she healed him with energy from her Siren powers. It’s welcome and he soaks it in with a smile as he watches her for a moment before reaching out to tuck some of that blue silk behind her ear.

"Neither am I. I’d like it if you stayed." He’s a little tired and achy to be particularly nervous but there’s a jumpy knot in his stomach regardless. What in the world could he have done to deserve someone like her? He doesn’t know, it gives him a headache to think about because of how absurd it seems that someone like her would love him.

That doesn’t stop the giddy feeling that rushes through him and he leans forward to brush a soft kiss across her lips, his injured face be damned. He stands then, a little off balance still as he starts loosening the armor attached to the lower half of his suit.  That’s the part that makes him look sheepish and nervous; he may be wearing shorts beneath but he still has to take off his pants to wash. In front of a lady no less. Heat creeps across his face and neck but he’s not inclined to change his mind about her staying. He’d rather be a little embarrassed with her there than comfortable and alone.

Quiet moments with him had become exercises in willpower. Maya enjoys her own silent pride for not lighting up the room from the first moment he’d touched her. Although his kiss momentarily pushes back the rising tide of anxiety (and most other coherent thought), it floods back to her as the Assassin returns to shedding his armor. 

Color creeps up her neck and settled her cheeks but the image of Zer0 on the floor of the bar, his body broken during the Psycho’s jealous rampage, was still too fresh for this fear to have as much weight. 

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[ She doesn’t talk about it much, but she had expected Pandora to have answers for her. The disappointment is a permanent weight.

There’s a gnawing uncertainty that comes not knowing anything about what she is. Maya secretly carries a sense that she’s inhuman that upsets her deeply. ]

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[ Any serious physical harm done to her teammates scares her. The Vault Hunters are all fairly used to taking their licks when things go sideways, but the Siren feels very protective of them. Particularly since her regenerative abilities appeared Maya feels personally responsible for their well-being. ]

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Krieg is the father of Tiny Tina. This is more or less confirmed in the final DLC, Sir Hammerlock Vs. The Son of Crawmerax. Spoilers under the cut, but it’s pretty unavoidable at this point…


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[ I’m very surprised this theory still persists. 

Anthony Burch, head writer for Borderlands 2 has stated that Tina’s parents are dead in canon (and that it’s kind of the defining feature of her character). Here’s one source I found from the Gearbox blog: ]

That is, until you find out why Tina is torturing Fleshstick: he sold Tina’s parents out to Hyperion, and she had to watch them get tortured to death in front of her (which subsequently shattered her mind and turned her into the person she is now). [Source]


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[ Lying to her is the surest way to make Maya angry. She’d always rather hear an unpleasant truth than a lie. 

Depends on what kind of excited we’re talking about-? ( >.> ) She loves the rush of adrenaline she gets in a challenging fight. It’s a bit of an addiction.

Pretty much the most embarrassing thing she has to deal with is her tattoos activating when she’s worked up. There’s no room to play coy if you light up like a beacon when you’re turned on. She’s a very private person so wearing her feelings on her sleeve is pretty much endlessly mortifying. 

Maya isn’t easily impressed, but she’s met a lot of people on Pandora who are exceptional in their own ways. Self-sacrificing tendencies will always earn her respect. ]

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[ Maya feels more confident in combat than pretty much anywhere else. She should probably work on that. ]

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Maya and Zer0 from Borderlands 2 dressed as Huntress and Question from Justice League.

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[ Quiet time makes Maya exceedingly happy. While she enjoys her new life on Pandora (and all the chaos that comes with it) she’s learned to appreciate silence and her privacy much more than she used to. ]

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☺ Happy

☹ Sad

✂ Angry

➳ Scared

☤ Disgusted

♯ Annoyed

♬ Excited

☂ Embarrassed

★ Awed/Impressed

☢ Worried

☯ Calm

♟ Jealous

♛ Confident

♭ Self-conscious

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"No but she’s angry. He might use me as cover. And I’d rather not.”

Like hell he will. Not unless he wants to deal with two angry Sirens.