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(I love that I write a death drabble and Maya says NU UH NOPE FUCK THAT GET BACK HERE. Best thing~ )
(Yeah, she’s stubborn like that.)

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The heat socks into his aching muscles, the steam fills his mind and makes his thoughts a little fuzzy. He brings the bottle of whisky to his lips and sips, burning alcohol running down his throat and quenching an addiction he’d rather not acknowledge.

He watches Maya intently, eyes focused upon her – the pink in her cheeks completely vivid against milky skin and golden locks. She shrouds them in darkness and he shifts in the water, resting back against the tub as the soft sounds of the radio begin to fill the room. He closes his eyes and tries to relax, tries to forget about the last several hours and the pain beating against his skull.

He can feel her moving toward him, the hairs on his arms rising as the smell of smoke became stronger. He tilts his head into her touch, relishing in the cool temperature of her soft digits.

“Maybe” he says a little absently, chest heavy “a little”

The way his words rumble in his chest had her asking questions she never thought she would…

What if she wasn’t dragging him out on jobs? Maya knew he wasn’t really in this for the money. He only ever spent it on tattoos, guns and drink. He was a lunatic in his own right, but he didn’t relish the grab or the chase, not the way she did. So what if she wasn’t dragging him places that might get him killed? What if they just took the money and tried to start over-?

She circled around and sat on the edge of the tub, her back to him so she didn’t have to start blushing like a goddamn schoolgirl again. This was the only life she’d ever known, schooled early in the con and slight of hand. This was only a natural progression… but so was everything else. Grey eyes peered at him from over her shoulder, taking the cigarette cradled between her lips and placed it to his.

"What would you say to a vacation? Somewhere nice for a change."

It wasn’t the question she’d meant to ask, but it was close enough. It felt safer, less lofty.

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It’s inevitable really. Eventually one of his internal mods would break, wear down or just give out. Collapsing suddenly while wandering a new planet with his Siren, they’d found out that his mechanical lung had given out and couldn’t be fixed and his other lung was too weak to keep him alive by itself. They’d flown back to Pandora on Zer0’s insistence; he wanted to say goodbye to everyone he could, to the place that had changed his life so drastically for the better. There had been time luckily, the ex-Assassin wasn’t dead, but slowly suffocating as his remaining lung struggled to keep him alive as long as it could.

Eventually he’d been confined to a bed and the pair had returned to the cave they’d called home for so long, taking solace in the quiet and spending what little time remained quietly together.

Eventually Zer0 could tell he wasn’t going to live much longer and quietly took Maya’s hand. His mechanical limbs were all that remained strong in his body and his skin was tinted blue from lack of oxygen but he smiled softly at Maya and tucked her hair behind her ear. He was loath to leave his Siren behind, but his body was failing him and there was nothing to be done to prevent it.

"Don’t follow me too soon, my love." He wheezed and she tried to shush him but he shook his head. He was going to die, now wasn’t the time for silence. Careful hands cupped her cheeks and he brushed a soft kiss on her lips because he couldn’t manage more than that now.

"Everything we went through was worth it. Whatever waits after death, I’ll wait for you as long as I need to. If I have to wait until the last Siren breathes her last breath I will. So don’t rush to join me. Keep living, alright?" He heaved a ragged breath, struggled for air after speaking more than he had for the last few days. "So much to say, not enough breath."

A cough shook him and he silently cursed his body for failing him now, when he had so much to live for. Dark spots were invading his sight and he knew his time was up. He tugged her hand, warm and soft as always, to his cheek and leaned into the touch. His last breath was shallow and he forced out the last of the words he needed her to hear before he was truly gone, even as his eye closed, cybernetic one dimmed, and the life left his body.

"I love you."

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numericalassassin said: ★ "Dear, stubborn woman. It is far past time to flee. Let's go already."

As the Assassin turned to make a strategic retreat he swept her up by the hips and hauled the fuming Siren over his shoulder. Her expression was twisted in an angry pout but she didn’t struggle, instead reaching for the rifle slung across his back and taking aim at the pair of badass skags bearing down on them. 

Zer0 do not haiku at me right now!" She bit out angrily. "That thing ate my favorite gun.

There’s the pop and sizzle as one of them roars, spraying corrosive saliva across the rocks and dirt. Her first shot misses as her other half steps fleet-footed over the uneven terrain towards the fast travel. Maya lifts and aims the rifle again, it’s strap pulling tight across Zer0’s chest. She phaselocked the beast that turned her Hellfire into a chew toy with a vengeance, and slammed an incendiary round in it’s open maw with an exit wound through the top of it’s skull.

Okay, now we can go.”

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Favourite Video Game Characters

Zer0 (Borderlands 2)

"Sorry, did that hurt? / That "sorry" was sarcasm / I am not sorry"

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Siren here. Nice to meet y'all. If anyone tries to capture me, I'll incinerate their brain.

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"Being human is more than biological." Zer0 sneered but otherwise drifted into silence. The other assassin, now that the situation was under control, was disturbingly similar to how he had been. Both before Pandora and when in Angel’s grasp. He loosens his grip just enough that he won’t be crushing her wrist bones together but that’s the only concession he gives to their similarity.

If Maya can’t talk sense into her, he’ll try real force.

For now he nods, agreeing to Maya’s plan and sits silently. Good cop, bad cop as it were. He doesn’t mind being the ‘bad’ one as long as that terror stays out of Maya’s eyes.

The Siren made a genuinely sour face at the woman. “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. Brontë.” 

The monks hadn’t seen any harm in the hours Maya used to spend escaping into literature. She could only assume now this was because they had not read the books themselves. While they sought to coerce her into a life of their choosing, she had learned her own sense of morality. Though she doubted it would mean much to the Hyperion Assassin Maya had taken genuine offense to the very suggestion that ‘there is only one way to be a human’.

"Your life, your choice CassiopeiaRegardless of what they’ve done to you, you still have that choice. You could’ve chosen not to tell me your name, for example.” 

With the woman sufficiently restrained in Zer0’s grip it seemed worthwhile to try and make an appeal before they resorted to more violence. 

"Hyperion sent him to kill me. I’m still here." She glanced up at the patient ninja, formerly her Assassin, before lowering her gaze again. ”They don’t own you, because you’re not a thing.”

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Andromeda for chargedupsiren

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pkmntrainerfixc said: What if zer0's an alien race that ages slowly so he outlived all the other vault hunters and tiny Tina


well SHIT


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His confused look melts into a reproachful pout when she laughs at him but it doesn’t last long before he too chuckles. This situation is awkward for both of them, infuriatingly so when he knows it wouldn’t be if he could just remember. Being reunited with someone one loved should be joyful not… Whatever this heartrending distance was.

Before he can speak, offer some sort of apology for mysteriously ending up curled against her, he’s pounced on by an invisible weight. Instinct demanded he bat the unknown thing off of him but it revealed itself to be an orange stalker and made short work of nuzzling his face and chin and biting playfully at his ear. Prying the creature off of him, he sits up and holds it out to Maya.

"Err… Yours?" Dali wiggles and whines in his grip, distressed that she isn’t being allowed to show her mommy that he’d been missed when he went out and didn’t come back. The blue lady was lovely but it wasn’t the same and she’d been too sad to play.

She assumed when the stalker was hiding that Dali had managed to sense things were wrong and chose to stay cloaked. Maybe she thought it was safe to come out now.

"Yours actually- … uh His.” She quickly corrected herself in a husk voice, shaking her head. “Mine now I guess.” 

She took the creature from his hands and attempted to soothe it by cradling it in her arms, but it only seemed interested in crawling back to Zer0 and Maya felt a sudden overwhelming rush of empathy for the orphan stalker as it whimpered. The Siren had bonded with Dali significantly more since he’d been gone, thankful on more than one sleepless night to not have to be entirely alone.

Her hands gently attempted to thwart the escape attempts and get the creature to settle. Pale eyes watched him from where she rested on the sofa, unable to read him like she used to.

Don’t…uh… don’t worry too much about the sleeping thing. I know it wasn’t intentional.” 

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((That certainly makes sense too. Point is, I need to stop wanting to make OCs and original verses of things, because they never pan out well.))

[Yeah, those can be hard sells in any fandom. You should still drabble for it though.<3

Also Angel, Maya, Lilith and Steel as BFF warrior angels in a past life. <3]



((I’ve had this idea swimming around in my head about the original six Sirens just being born, being overseen by Eridian society and trying to integrate them into “normal life.” Or if they were cosmic beings from the very beginning of the universe, to oversee everything. i.e. I want to do a Pre-BL verse, but I think Sirens have been overdone a bit.))

[I like to think the six Sirens are reincarnations, and were created by the Eridians as warriors, probably to put the Vault monsters in the vaults in the first place. Hence eridium and Vault Key catalysts?]