"I simply love Zer0… not only is he a badass to play but also because his voice gives me the chills."

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Shoot Everything

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 (SDCC) 


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The lovely Enasni Volz as Mad Moxxi at the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Laser Tag course. Photography by Darshelle Stevens

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"il be seeing you! il see you alright? im gunna see you. see you later. il SEE you."

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I wonder what he’s thinking about.

So after Sanctuary was lifted into the air I climbed to every edge to look at stuff and I found a long hang off just past Claptrap’s stash, and I thought that Zer0 might climb out there if he wanted some space.


I couldn’t help myself.

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He reciprocates as she reaches for him, drawing her close though he doesn’t understand the sudden near-desperation in her eyes. He’s content here now, sighing at the feeling of her hands tracing over his exposed skin, the cool water contrasting with her warmth.

"It wasn’t meant to be. I hope it never comes to that." His hands move across her shoulders and down her back, hoping to soothe away the unpleasant thoughts. "I don’t remember you ever mentioning learning to swim so well as part of your training."

Suddenly she’s all keyed up for no reason. The Siren hadn’t realized how difficult it would be to step away from the frenzy of their normal routine of blood and bullets. Maya leaned into his hands with the hope they’d chase away the momentary anxiety. 

"It wasn’t part of the training. I was confined to the abbey, but the grounds were fairly extensive. There was stream that ran deep enough to swim in. It was one of the few places I could hide, not like Sophis was ever going to dive in after me." She snickered under her breath at the memory of the monk scowling on the shore. "I can’t believe it wasn’t part of yours. Feared galaxy-class Assassin, sinks like a stone.

Still feeling her nerves, Maya eased closer to press a kiss to his collarbone and then lay her head in the crook of his neck.

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Spindly arms outstretched for balance, Deimos stood from his usual hunched position, unfurling his gangly body, awkward, reeling, staggering for a few moments.  Trying to stand like a normal human being left him as ungainly  and menacing as the rest of those irreparably warped experiments that had escaped slag experimentation, though he offered Maya something close to a mischievous smile at her warning.  Apparently his reputation preceded him.  

The rat didn’t give her an opportunity to reconsider, turning his psionic abilities on the Siren with a strobe of blue.  With enough practice on Nika, he’d quickly learned how to probe into another’s brain without causing permanent damage;  with little more than a twinge, a tickle.

Deimos dumped out everything he learned from the others, pieced together from their glimpses into parallel universes and into history, a download of raw information right into Maya’s brain. 

A woman with emerald hair and Siren’s markings, draped in gold and linen, gently fanned with ostrich feathers where she reclined on a bed of furs, overseeing the construction of a vast pyramid.  A woman screaming, screaming, burned alive at the stake as flames licked at blue markings. One who called herself Virgil, and guided a man named Dante through visions of hellish realms. 

Still more, in bright random flashes.  A woman impaled by some monstrous leviathan from another realm, blood pouring down azure tattoos.   Horned beasts and tentacled creatures that were not of this world, or any in the known universe, ripping men to shreds, devouring children and yet there, amid the carnage, a Siren fought for posterity. 

The light from his eye flickered, cut out, faded, and Dima hesitated, a hand on her cheek to steady her. 


It was easy to forget that Deimos was tall when he only ever carried himself hunched over, prodding people below the waist. The Lab Rat’s crooked smile does nothing to reassure her that this isn’t a terrible idea. 

Before Maya can think better of her decision she’s blinded by the light of his eye. He floods her with broken pieces of information and her mind is left reeling trying to unpack it all. Most of it comes to her like lucid dreams, brief and vivid in detail. They’re vignettes of Sirens past, and possibly future. A visual history of her lineage. Worship. Fire. Blood. Death… and monsters. It’s nothing new, and yet it seems to pull everything into focus and impress upon her a distinct sense of legacy.

Part of her wanted to reject the idea that these were things she was meant for, but everything about her life on Pandora seemed to corroborate the visions.

Suddenly she’s back, a sticky hand cradling her face. Maya unclenched her jaw and took a breath. She felt disoriented, and though she recognized Deimos the rest of her surroundings took longer to fall back into place. The Siren hummed once to find her voice before she could answer.

 ”… There’s more-?

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his pecks have pecks

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He only clutched her tighter, moved as fast as he could without jostling her. Something bigger drove him now, something more than either of them alone. The pull between them, that gravity, drove him forward toward the Caustic Caverns, senses on high alert for interference.

"Could you stop me? If you had to, could you?" He’s breathless and doesn’t quite know why but his whole body is screaming at him to move faster, get them both to safety right now. "I don’t know how well you know me, but I assume it’s better than I know myself right now. I know what you can do; could you use it to stop me? If Angel did this she won’t stop, she will find me, she will drag me back. I can’t stop her, or myself.”

They were close but there was a nagging feeling that it wouldn’t matter, that Angel would correct the error regardless of where he hid from the girl. He had to make sure Maya was safe. Safe from him. He’d have to leave, hope Angel hadn’t been watching this whole exchange and if she had, hope Maya had it in her to take him down before he killed her.

A brief flash of anger flares when he wouldn’t set her down, but Maya realized quickly it wasn’t really him she’s angry with. It’s Angel, for taking the first person that had ever made her feel human, manipulating his mind and using him to slaughter Hyperion’s enemies. The anger also burns inward, for not being able to extract herself from the violent heartache of being this close to him.

We.. were close." Having to speak in the past tense is another barb in her chest, but she can’t forget she’s speaking to a stranger now. "After what you’ve been through with Atlas, seeing you strapped down in a Hyperion lab… I didn’t ever want you to know how being phaselocked feels, but it can’t be worse than this. She’s got you killing for them, hunting people who care about you.”

She can’t beat back the deep nostalgia of his hands, the subtle leathery scent of his suit, and least of all the haunting distortion of his voice through the helmet. The Siren finally caved and let herself enjoy him for a heartbeat instead, closing her eyes and breathing him in.

"If I have to… I’m sorry… it will be uncomfortable, but I promise I won’t let Angel keep using you. I can stop her from taking you back. Then we can work on keeping her out of your head.”

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In french it’s something like “Eh ! Not the forst night huh !” XD

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Nisha the Lawbringer for munthegreat

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In case bare tummies and KLK crossovers turn you off, here’s a closeup.

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I reeeaalllyy want to see something about krieg and Maya’s relationship like her taking care of krieg and slowly making him sane again and just kind of like an update on the relationship they kind of established in the trailer for krieg. Bc I really ship them.”

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Am I the only one that’s kind of disturbed by Maya Krieg shipping and hates the undertones of “love will heal any sickness” and “it’s a woman’s duty to fix you, you poor broken man” that it seems to carry?

Nah honey bee, you ain’t the only one.

One of my largest irks about this ship is the thought that ‘maya will heal him’. No. If he ever wanted to ‘heal’ himself or ‘regain sanity’, it’s his own fucking thing to sort out between himself. I, honestly, don’t see that happening anytime soon, maybe never. And I don’t think he needs to be ‘sane’ either.

If Maya was really to love him, she’d have to love him as he was. Maya doesn’t have to see his ‘sane side’ or communicate with ‘inner Krieg’ to find him lovable. And Krieg shouldn’t have to change for anyone but himself, if he wants to and only if he wants to. That’s his choice.

I feel that Krieg wishes to communicate to Maya and his companions, and that might be drive to improve his social skills or ‘sanity’. If he ever ‘goes sane’ in further games, that’s just swell. But it shouldn’t be necessary or forced for this ship to work. 

If you love someone, you must love who they are. Not what you can see them being/want them to be.

I don’t see Maya as wanting to change her big loud friend either. She (and hopefully the other Vault Hunters) can offer the big guy their companionship and attention. That’s the most ‘help towards sanity’ they can give. People to treat him like a goddamn human being, because, through the rage and blood and mutation, is what he is. 

I just don’t want a character to turn their personality 180 for a ship. As much as I love this pairing, I can totally see it working with him just as he is. ‘Sane’ or not. Meh.


[ Spork speaks the important.<3 Treating him like human being is really the extent of Maya’s ability to support Krieg.

Krieg has had a psychotic break after significant trauma. I’m sure his inner voice (the original personality) would very much like control of his life back. I’m fine with Maya being something in his life that helps him focus, but it’s really up to him to find that balance.]

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