"Nope." She chirped in response to the blue haired woman’s question. “‘Eard ‘o th’ Fire’awk, er, Lilith ‘at’s right, but ain’t no way I’s goin’ ta Bloodshot territory just ta get shot at ‘n set on fire." Granted there was still a high chance of getting shot at and set on fire but at least here she wouldn’t have to contend with other bandits on top of that.

She jumped back when the other woman lit up like a beacon and her gaze found the trapped rakk. Shortly trapped and incinerated rakk. The spiderant lept to her feet and screeched, on the verge of attacking the Siren when the bandit woman simply raised a hand. The creature instantly quieted and returned to laying down and watching him.

“‘At’s one hell of a power ya got goin’ Miss…” she started excitedly and trailed off, blinking. “Well shit. Didn’t even ask yer name.” Even with the fabric mask on she still manages to look embarrassed. “Er, ‘m Morrie, bandit queen. ‘At’s Mim, m’ queen ant.” She brazenly holds out her hand, unafraid even after that display or at least hiding it exceptionally well.

Maya…" She answered cautiously, looking her over once more before half-heartedly accepting the Bandit’s handshake. Trust wasn’t easily won on Pandora, particularly not from the Siren.

For someone who identified herself as a bandit queen, she seemed awfully congenial. Not that Maya appreciated being treated like tourist attraction but most bandit warlords she’d met were total psychotics, or at least pretended to be. Fear and sadism were how most kept their scrap metal thrones. Perhaps Morrie’s neuroses were a bit more subtle. This only made the Vault Hunter more suspicious about possible ulterior motives. 

"It’s housebroken." The Siren commented, tipping her chin towards the saddled spiderant. Creature taming seemed new, but Maya wagered the spiderants probably took it better than most other species.

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"Yeah… like I just got a full body massage…" Gabe chuckled as he pushed himself off the wall. Feeling began to return to his arms and legs as he stepped back and shook it out. After a jolt like that, he wasn’t sure he was going to sleep much. 

"If you’re feeling like this all the time, then I gotta say I envy you."

Her equilibrium slowly returned, but she was feeling drained. The Siren was confident she’d fall asleep the moment she closed her eyes. She didn’t expect to hunt for a better sleeping situation not that the bench was comfortable but mostly because moving sounded like an exhausting chore.

"It doesn’t really work that way." Maya replied, watching him stretch through half-lidded eyes. After a moment she scoffed. "Don’t tell me I just tapped myself out to give you a body massage. Especially since I was kind of hoping you might not die.”

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Maya an Zer0, talking as if he wasn’t there and hearing as his fate was sorted out. The Psycho didn’t mind that neither of them thought to question him or give him a choice. His eye traced the lines in the floor. Having nothing better to do while he waited.

Even if they spared him, allowed him to stay here in Sanctuary and be a part of their group, it was unlikely ever to be the same. Glancing up as the Assassin spoke he could still feel a tinge of that jealousy that led to the beating in the first place. At least he wouldn’t be foolish enough to repeat what he had done.

What it meant in the end was a further distance between himself and the normal people of Pandora leaving himself as low as the rest of the bandits he always killed. Though Krieg strove to separate himself from that life in the end he was no different.

Maya stood and offered Zer0 her hand to lift him out of the mess of blood and glass. She’d have to coax him to submit to someone, Gaige or Tannis, to repair the things she couldn’t. Dread still coiled in her stomach at the possibility that the Psycho had damaged some piece of tech that simply couldn’t be replaced.

The brutality of Krieg’s attack had left her at a loss. The Siren was now loathe to remember the times she’d let him put his hands on her, knowing now she had unintentionally been fueling a dangerous fire. It was a mistake she wouldn’t make twice. 

Drifting from the Assassin’s side she approached Krieg where he sat huddled on the floor awaiting judgement like a guilty child. No one had believed in him more Maya, no one trusted him like she had. She’d believed that what he was doing Pandora was his path to redemption, and identity. She wished for him to find himself and be whole again. Most of all she’d wanted to get to know the man she’d perceived as having performed selfless acts of bravery. Now these aspirations seemed like something that had only ever existed inside her optimism and good intentions. The Siren could kill him for what he’s done, to ensure he never tried to hurt Zer0 again. 

Krieg had still been one of them, a Vault Hunter and a valuable ally in their fight against Hyperion. He saved her from the rats, even after she’d tried to shoot him down. The Crimson Raider resistance was already running thin, moreso every day. Reguardless of her personal feelings Siren couldn’t make a selfish decision that might effect the fate of everyone. At least on the outside he could take his rage out on people who deserved it. 

Get out Krieg. You’re not welcome here anymore. I’ll never understand what you’ve done here today, what you hoped to accomplish. I trusted you. Zer0 was your friend… but hear this… If you ever go near him again you’ll wish you were dead. That’s a promise.

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catsand-darkhairedbeauties said: {So I gotta ask cause Im thinking of making a blog of my OC for Borderlands and I was wondering if its worth it? Is the fanbase there to keep a blog going?

[ Hello Traveler! The Borderlands RP community is small but relatively healthy. I expect this will improve considering we’ve got two more Borderlands games being released this year. c:

Everyone has always been kind and welcoming. We have people interacting on a daily basis. It may be relevant to mention we have plenty of cannon characters who aren’t around much so I’d never discourage anyone from picking up a cannon. 

I think there’s the same amount of risk for an OC as there is in any fandom. The Borderlands universe has a ton of room for diversity and the best OCs I’ve seen are the ones who take advantage of that and really flesh out their character with universe-specific details.

Hopefully that’s a little bit helpful for you or others lurking on the fence. <3] 

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The three of them were in the same building, just feet apart, but they might as well had been on two separate planets. Krieg forced to sit and watch the scene play out before him as his blood now stained the floor from back and gut. There would be no soothing relief for him. Just another scar to remind him of another mistake of his mixed up life.

The Psycho held no hope for forgiveness and his sane side knew he did not deserve it. Unable to run from it all his eye stared at the floor head twitching with the building anxiety. Why wouldn’t she let him leave? That’s what was going to happen. Punishment perhaps to force him to watch her and Zer0 share the moment they were. It was a cruel thing to do and certainly made him feel no better

Krieg would do as he was told and wait for the judgement that would come. He would be so lucky for one of them to just end him right there on the floor. As much conflict and hurt that he was going through. “PaiNT iT rED! ThE mEaT roTs fRoM tHe InsIdE!” His voice strained as it exploded from him, anxiety causing the outburst.

Before this Maya never would have been so callous as to make Krieg audience to her and Zer0. Now she didn’t much care. The Psycho had earned her trust protecting her and showing loyalty to the team, but she had no regard for this violent outburst of jealousy. Whatever twisted sentiment the brute thought he harbored for her it wasn’t love. 

"If it was anyone else… we’d kill him." The Siren said, the knife twisting n her gut to think of the warm feelings she once had for the Psycho. 

The offense was more severe because Krieg had been a friend. He’d saved her life on several occasions, and he was known to help Zer0 back to his feet in a firefight, but this much damage had only been possible because they had faith in him. Lost in thought, she lay a hand over Zer0’s heart and the light drained from her markings. If they wanted to show mercy and cut Krieg loose outside Sanctuary they would be trusting him not to make another attempt. This was Sophis all over again. Someone she’d trusted to have her best interests heart betraying her. Maya was learning for a second painful time that people are naturally selfish.

Looking Krieg over she felt torn. Her wrath for what he’d done to the Assassin wasn’t sated. He’d lain into Zer0 like an animal, and they never batted an eye putting down a vicious skag. The valkyrie in her was tempted to fulfill Krieg’s request for release. Buried beneath all that was still a fondness, or the charred memory of such a sentiment, that she still attached to him. She tried to remind herself there was a man inside the monster. 

Maya decided she could pull this trigger, though she may not ever sleep well again if she did. 

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Desert Queens

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Suspended as he was in the bubble he had never so much feared since their meeting. Now in it the space feels unnaturally colds and it’s hard to breathe. Forced to watch her come over his chaotic mind screaming to somehow burst free and run. But there’s nothing he can do, nothing he can say. Let the Siren take his life. It would be worth nothing without her trust.

But then the one thing happened that he’d never let happen. That one piece of him guarded, and there was nothing he could do as she pulled the mask off. Krieg wanted to scream but whatever would have come out got choked by some unknown emotion.

Not allowed to leave, not allowed to escape the pain he had caused. As she walked away the phaselock released him and the large psycho fell to the ground in a heap. Struggling to catch his breath a shakey hand grabs the mask sliding it back over his face. He saw Zer0 begin to heal with her powers and a hand touch her cheek.

Unneeded and unwanted The Psycho drags himself into a sitting position on the floor ignoring his own blood and pain simply staring, watching, waiting.

 Zer0 choked on his few breaths of air, hacking out some of the blood that had him drowning in his own lungs. Slowly the Assassin’s chest began to rise and fall with some rhythm and he lifted a hand to push away the tears stinging her face. She smiled through her pained expression, a strained chuckle of relief leaving her more life a huff. It seemed incomprehensible that he could still find kindness for her after what he’d just been though. The Siren leaned in to brush his forehead with a kiss.

Welcome back.” 

Maya couldn’t help but feel responsible. It was clear the last time they’d spoke Krieg was agitated. She knew his tendencies for violence and the insatiable bloodlust that drove him to senseless slaughters. Clearly the Siren was naive to trust he wouldn’t harm Zer0. She never would’ve fought to keep the Psycho around in the first place if she’d known his loyalty was dependent on his hope of possessing her. 

Looking back at Krieg he was still in a heap on the floor, pathetically scrambling to pull back on his mask. It was difficult to reconcile this image of him with the one looming over Zer0, or the one that quoted her Shakespeare. Maya knew in a way it wasn’t the same person, but it couldn’t absolve him of guilt. Not for this. 

She looked down at her Assassin and gently thumbed blood away from his mouth, her skin still illuminated while his bones knitted, tissues and wiry muscle mended. Together they’d figure out what to do with the Psycho. 

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Done *cries*

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The sight of her tattoos lighting up sent chills down the Psycho’s spine making him back up more, fearing those powers almost as much as he feared her anger. There was no undoing what he had done, no amount of apologizing. He could only pray that somewhere Maya could forgive him. No one else mattered. No one else had cared enough in his eyes.

Then the gun came into her hands and he stopped dead in his tracks. With bullets already in his back Krieg knew she was capable and willing. I deserve this. There was little he could do as she pulled the trigger and the bullet didn’t hurt as much as the hurt that came because she was the one to do it. Gripping his stomach he flinched at her words cowering away blood showing between his fingers.

The Psycho was afraid one eye wide with it coughing a bit from the impact of the gunshot. Scrambling to the surface it would be up to the voice to do anything now. Raspy and laced with pain that deep second voice came out. “Maya please I wasn’t able to stop this. We’ll leave okay, just…let us leave.” Slowly backing up there was nothing he could think to say to make this better. There was no way anyone would trust him again. In one crazed act, his sane half wasn’t strong enough to control, he had ruined it all.

And worst of all he was a monster in her eyes.

It seemed the Psycho’s rampage was over how that he had his fun destroying the one that meant the most to her. Krieg healed unnaturally fast, but the gut shot would still hurt and that was wholly her intent. The voice he met her with now was the one that shook her before, deep and steady. For once he truly sounds like more man than monster, but any sentiment that would accompany that voice was lost in the wake of what he’s just done. 

She whipped him with a look of pure malice, catching him in a phaselock. Maya approached Krieg where he hung suspended under massive pressure, hooking fingertips beneath the Psycho’s mask before prying it up and away. The vengeful Siren wasn’t so interested in his face as in leaving him feeling bare and unprotected. Helpless.

If you leave I’ll hunt you down and kill you myself…" She said as evenly as the raw emotions tearing her apart would allow. Crouching to return to her Assassin’s side she lay down the gun and gently picked up his head.  "…You don’t get to do this and just walk away from it.

She looked over Zer0 mournfully, running glowing fingers through his hair and regenerating for him. Siren quietly sheds tears over what’s left of him, sinking cosmic energy into him to repair what she could. Maya had always known survival on Pandora would never be easy for either of them but the number of times she’s had to see him broken obliterates any sense of safety in her.

Z…” She called to him weakly, craning over his body protectively and still stroking his head. “… I’m so sorry …

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I always thought that Maya and Zer0 would be a great couple considering that many people think they’re weak but both of them together make a great team. They also would make a good couple since they look at each other a lot. ^-^ <3”

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Weak and shaky himself, Nika oozed off the divan and to the floor beside her, trembling hands seeking out the pulse in her neck.  Maya’s heart beat wildly, her pulse racing so fast he could scarcely even count it, groggy as his mind was.  

"Medlenno… breathe slowly.  Deep breaths."  

Her forehead was burning hot against his touch, enough that he actually flinched away. 

The Siren had not asked permission, but willed him to live, and his dark eyes burned with tears of both shame and gratitude.  Something moved him then, and he leaned across her to gather his coat from the floor, numb hands fumbling for the Insta-Health in the breast pocket. 

He had intended to keep it for himself, just in case things got out of hand, but it was far too late.  The only regret he had as he plunged the needle into her arm was that Maya had been the one to find him.

The chemical hit her system and flowed through her. Her head rolled off to the side and for a moment she was lost in the patters and stains in the old carpet. As her breath slowly steadied the Siren reached up to pull the spent vial from her arm. 

For a long time she remained silent, unsure of what to say, the taste of her own bitter words still in her mouth. Maya actively resisted thinking about what might have just happened. When she finally turned to meet his eyes, flushed and bleary-eyed, the Nomad looked much the same.

"Your parties suck." She said rasped, running a hand through her hair.

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что то все светится,аж пипец

ай сау месхро ю сау мансхер

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She’s watching him and her silver gaze makes him blush a little self-consciously. The burns still hurt, he absently notes when they brush against his suit and then the bed as he lays beside her. Not badly enough for him to really care, however. He can take care of them later, preferably after sleep.

He’s still blushing as bright as she is but that doesn’t stop him from smiling and burying his nose in her blue hair. He can feel her warm breath against his skin and it makes his heart skip a beat or three, though he forces it calm. Now is not the time for him to be getting worked up. Now is the time to relax and breathe in her scent, revel in the fact that she’s here.

He hums a random tune, soft and low, and slowly strokes his fingers through her hair. If he can provide her with a peaceful night sleep after what she’d been through in the Core, he’ll consider it a good day. If not he’ll comfort her when she wakes, kiss away nightmares with enthusiasm.

As they both relax the Assassin unexpectedly begins to hum a melody and run his hand through her hair the way she’d missed so badly. For a moment Maya looks at him surprised, peering curiously at his mouth before she’s swiftly swept away by the warm resonance. The Siren is inhumanly tired, from pain and anxiety, and this sudden comfort washes over her senses and pulls the tide towards sleep. 

She huddles closer to his warmth and pulls her hands in against his chest. A light, reverent touch traced his contours, beginning with the line and curve of his collarbone. Fingertips trail across his skin until exhaustion takes her away, thinking despite all that’s gone wrong nothing has ever felt so perfect. 

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